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Craving Customization

There goes my desire again to update my website, just like me -- I am constantly growing and new encounters are sparking my interest. As much as I enjoyed using the SquareSpace platform, I realized the simplicity of the site forced me to create with limitations.

The best comparison to illustrate my struggle is similar to Iphone & Android -- Iphone is simple; straight to the point with a bunch of great features but only limited to Apple users. Whereas, Android users also has wide array of great features but with higher customizations -- that's where I come in, my desire to customize. I am a proud Android user (shout out to my Samsung Note users!) and I now made my switch back to Wix -- you have satisfied my customization cravings. Not only have you satisfied my cravings, you allowed me to create with minimal limitations. I'm not stating that SquareSpace is a bad platform -- it just didn't meet the needs for my website, a personal preference.

At the end of the day, it's about the end goal and Wix did the job for me!

I'm back Wix! Woohoo!

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