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HIGH 5 Results

Strengths are areas that groom us into the person we are within our personal and professional lives. It helps me understand and build better relationships because of these strengths I already have (so let's build on it!) -- I think it's so important to understand my strengths why they are unique to me.


Your objective is to solve conflicts and to establish harmony. You believe that, because conflicts divide us, one needs to find areas of common agreement to go further. You always wonder why people waste so much time in confrontations, while they could be more productive looking for consensus. Therefore, you always seek for common ground with others, even if it comes at a sacrifice of your own opinion for the sake of harmony and balance. You are one of those people with a strong sense of forgiveness. Your talent helps to minimize rocking of the team boat and mitigate conflicts on board as you search for win-win solutions for everyone.


Your objective is to set timelines and deadlines. Because of your dislike of surprises, you love to plan. You don't necessarily need to control everything and everyone, but there must be order and predictability in the world around you. You unconsciously impose the structure onto everything by setting up routines, timelines and deadlines. If you set up plans, you make sure you follow them through thoroughly. Your need for structure becomes very useful in a team or a project since you can bring order and discipline to maintain progress and productivity.


Your objective is to take charge and direct people. In any situation, you enjoy bringing yourself forward to lead the team. Moreover, you don't come empty handed - by that time your opinion and views are formed and you can't wait to align others with you. Contrary to others, in this process, you are not afraid of confrontation when presenting your views. At the contrary, you feel that the confrontation and the open discussion is the first step towards an agreement. People who have a clear vision and can take a stand for it always draw followers, so will you. If you also master listening to others, this strength will help you to be a good leader without fear of confrontation.


Your objective is to take responsibility. If there is a person who is emotionally bound to follow through on all promises - then it's you. Your strong ethical principles do not let you to simply write missteps off on excuses and rationalizations. It holds true no matter how small or large is the issue you are dealing with. Your name and reputation depend on you being responsible for your commitments. That's why people love to have you in their team. When assigning new responsibilities, they look at you first. They are 100% sure that what'll get on your desk - will get done no matter what.


Your objective is to learn new things. Due to your love of learning people tend to say you are a very curious person. You like to experiment with different styles of learning as well - in the end, there is something to learn from that as well, right? As it's the processes itself that excite you, you are not necessarily interested in becoming a subject matter expert. Instead you prefer learning something fast and then shift to a new thing to learn. Thanks to this strength, you learn very fast and thrive in short projects and dynamically changing environments. Needless to say, you will always be the one to contribute with new knowledge to your team as well.

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