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Priorities - Work/Life Balance

These past few months, I've been taking projects and working with various types of people from different industries while maintaining a full-time job. I kept finding myself running out of time and working late nights to meet deadlines. The process is invigorating AND exhausting all at the same time.

I started to lose ME time and feeling fatigue during the week. Even with ONE day of rest beyond 8 hours, I felt that I lost a day to sleeping. As much as I wanted to keep going and say YES to every project that came my way, I had to come to realization that even robots had to recharge and their battery change every now and then, maybe even an upgrade.

The reality is to understand that in a busy lifestyle, learn to rotate priorities in and out to reduce burn-out and have a higher rate of self-fulfillment and satisfaction. Sometimes, it means minimizing the "noise" within your busy schedule rearranging in a way where priorities can operate like a priority" vs. adding to a "list".

Time is definite and something out of our control, but how I decide to arrange my life around it is within my control.

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