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Did you ever look back and realized how fast time flies? I just spent another countless amount of hours revamping my website —going back and forth between Wix and SquareSpace platforms… yes, I chose Squarespace! Through this process, I kept asking myself what looks good on this website because I’m working through the design, simplified the layout …did i pick the right colors? it’s a constant battle as I get inspired by other web pages or simply just because I came across another feature.

The ultimate question is why did I revamp my website, once again? As I self reflect back on 2019, there were so many moments where I did the same things (i enjoy sleeping till 1pm every Saturday) as well as tried new things, I really enjoy cardio kick-boxing and seeing the 60 year old instructor throw a few swings and bragging about her senior citizen discounts for her birthday! lol. We are constantly changing, even if it’s in small increments — the world is ever-involving and new experiences can change old habits or you just gain new ones. I revamped my website to showcase how much I changed just in this year alone — the color choices, the placement; all contributing factors to who I am and how it BRINGS ME SO MUCH JOY! Tis the season! I am a creator and I want to keep creating, learning, and growing with the society. Sometimes, I do have to be patient and sometimes, just take a leap of faith.

Don’t be surprise if the template changes in the next few months or within the next year. ;}

As Maya Angelou said “You can't use up creativity, the more you use, the more you have”

(article also found on LinkedIn)

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